Paris Agreement Ratified

geoversiv-sat6-v9aThere are many breakthroughs in the new text, including the setting of standards for nationally determined climate action strategies. Article 4 of the Agreement, Paragraph 13, for instance, calls for Parties


to promote environmental integrity, transparency, accuracy, completeness, comparability and consistency, and ensure the avoidance of double counting…



Commons Cluster Nature Task Force




The Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Group has entered into a Partnership with JFK University and several other academic institutions are considering joining with the Commons Cluster Nature Task Force.

If you would like to join us, please click here to read more details.


Commons At Work | Latest eJournal Article


Viewing Trees and Woods

Connecting Dots, Links, Sectors, and Frames

by Heiner Benking and Rob Wheeler

10.15.Benking.SDGsThis article is about ways to outline and represent the SDG goals and ways to communicate and achieve them. Click HERE to read the full article.

What’s Next for Our Global Commons

This is a conversation between International Economist and Kosmos Journal featured-contributor, James B. Quilligan and David Bollier, author of Think Like a Commoner and Green Governance. It was recorded at Kosmos Associates Headquarters in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on January 31st, 2014.

An Immediacy Production, for Kosmos Journal.

Commons Economy Rising

Here is an example of a Commons community using a crowd source funding vehicle and a video that describes what is fueling the rising visibility of the Commons as a valued based collective choice for a peaceful and collaborative human presence on the earth. Take a look at this video and share within your networks.

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Elements Paper on Follow-up-and-review-19-April-2016

SG on follow up and review 2030 Agenda