Watch Video: Sustainable Development Goals

Exclusive video interview with Amina Mohammed, Special Adviser on the post-2015 development agenda for the United Nations, about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Financing for Development Report

Powerful and Innovative Approaches for
Financing Development

UNFlagsCommons: Social and Solidarity Economies, Shared Societies,
Cooperatives and the Internet
New York, UN Headquarters, February 10, 2015

Click Here to Download the report in pdf: Powerful Approaches to FfD Summary Workshop

Summary report of the outcomes from the side event sponsored by the
Permanent Missions of Brazil and France, the Mont-Blanc Meetings
Association, International Forum of the Social and Solidarity Economy
Entrepreneurs, the International Cooperative Alliance, and the Commons
Cluster of the United Nations Non Governmental Organizations Major

What’s Next for Our Global Commons

This is a conversation between International Economist and Kosmos Journal featured-contributor, James B. Quilligan and David Bollier, author of Think Like a Commoner and Green Governance. It was recorded at Kosmos Associates Headquarters in Stockbridge, Massachusetts on January 31st, 2014.

An Immediacy Production, for Kosmos Journal.

Commons Economy Rising

Here is an example of a Commons community using a crowd source funding vehicle and a video that describes what is fueling the rising visibility of the Commons as a valued based collective choice for a peaceful and collaborative human presence on the earth. Take a look at this video and share within your networks.

Zero Draft for the FfD – Text Amendments

Suggested Text Amendments to the Zero Draft for the Financing for Development Agreement Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Groups

FfD Zero Draft Inputs from Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Groups

Authors: Rob Wheeler, Global Ecovillage Network; Alexandra Akira, Institute for Planetary
Synthesis; Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, Association of World Citizens, Coordinator of the
Commons Cluster