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Welcome to the first in a three-part training, Growing the Commons, Top-Down and Bottom-Up.

Today, Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, will present the Part I:Decision-Making within the UN.

The Agenda for this session is as follows:


  1. 11:45am, EDT – Open lines/Technology Check/Greetings
  2. Noon to 12:40pm — Welcome and Launch into the Formal Presentation by Lisinka (no questions will be taken during this segment)
  3. 12:40-1pm, EDT Question and Answer; There are two ways to participate in the Q&A:
  • Click on the ASK A QUESTION box to access the chat box, and/or
  • Key in *2 on your dialing pad to raise your hand. We will answer your questions in the order received until 1pm.

1:50-2pm, EDT – Closing Remarks by Lisinka

There will be time for additional discussion following the formal session for those who wish to remain on the call or the webcast.