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Join the Work


1.   Learn about the commons.
2.   Share what you know about the commons with other people.
a. If you are already a member of one or more commons, share your experiences with others via newsletters in your language or our Facebook page;  b. Explore different kinds of commons situated near where you live research them on the Internet, interview their commoners and submit your interviews to your language newsletter; and ask them to connect to our Commons Action Network.
3.   Participate in our regular international telephone strategy sessions. At present, these are held in English with some ad hoc translation into other languages as needed and possible.
4.   Join our letter writing groups either in your language area or internationally. These prepare documents on topics being dealt with at UN conferences by studying how a commons approach can help to resolve issues they are dealing with and measures Governments and the UN can take to apply a commons approach. These are first sent out in the form of letters to all UN Ambassadors, Nations’ chief negotiators; and Heads of State and Government. The letters are then rewritten as hand-outs and used by the UN team in their discussions with Nations’ delegates, the UN Secretariat and fellow Civil Society Organizations.

5.  Join the Instant Response Network that springs into action when negotiations during conferences are locked either because Nations see no way forward or because Nations are unable to agree. Through this network, you can follow and participate in UN conferences from afar.
6.   Join the UN Team and attend a UN conference. This will involve following a training; participating in the preparations for the meeting; and meeting daily with other members of the team during the course of the Conference.
7.   Help to design a Peoples Sustainability Treaty on the Commons.
8.   Help to design and develop the Mutual Empowerment Network.
9. Coordinate Commons Action for the United Nations and Commons Cluster activities in your language area.

Write to us at CommonsActionUn at gmail.com