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Articles and Documents

David Bollier

  • Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital  Republic of Their Own (New Press, 2010).
  • With co-editor Silke Helfrich – The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State (Levellers Press, September 2012).  (An anthology of 73 essays on enclosures, commons projects and theorizing by a diverse roster of international activists, academics and project leaders.)
  • The Commons Law Project, at www.commonslawproject.org (Features a lengthy essay that is the basis for a forthcoming book, Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights and the Law of the Commons -Cambridge University Press, 2013).
  • Blog and other resources (bibliography, course syllabus, podcasts, commons advocacy organizations, talks and videos):  www.bollier.org

Alanna Hartzok

  • Claiming the Commons
  • Financing Local to Global Public Goods’ 
  • Democracy, Earth Rights and the Next Economy
  • Global Resource Agency

Silke Helfrich

  • Blog:  https://commonsblog.wordpress.com
  • Silke Helfrich, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Hg.) Commons Für eine neue Politik jenseits von Markt und Staat – April 2012, transcript Verlag Bielefeld. (An anthology of 73 essays on  enclosures, commons projects and theorizing by a diverse roster of international activists, academics and project leaders. – See David Bollier and Silke Helfrich: The Wealth of the Commons)
  • Elinor Ostrom, edited by Silke Helfrich  – Was mehr wird, wenn wir teilen. Vom gesellschaftlichen Wert der Gemeingüter (oekom, München 2011)
  • Silke Helfrich, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Hrsg.) Wem gehört die Welt Zur Wiederentdeckung der Gemeingüter! – (oekom, München 2009)
  • Silke Helfrich, Rainer Kuhlen, Wolfgang Sachs and Christian Siefkes – Gemeingüter. Wohlstand durch Teilen (pdf in German/ English/ French and Flämisch – http://www.boell.de/wirtschaftsoziales/wirtschaft/wirtschaft-gemeingueter-report-commons-8626.html
  • Manifest – Gemeingüter stärken. Jetzt! – pdf in German, English, Spanish and Polish http://www.boell.de/wirtschaftsoziales/wirtschaft-soziales-7144.html
  • Silke Helfrich (ed.): Genes, Bytes y Emisiones: Bienes Comunes y Ciudadanía, San Salvador/México D.F., ediciones Böll, Agosto 2008

Polly Higgins  Polly’s new book on Ecocide and other materials.

James Quilligan (to be filled in later)

James Quilligan and Lisinka Ulatowska (See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org)

  • Commons Action for the United Nations (written for Kosmos Journal) 
  • The All Win Principle and the Global Commons
  • Global Citizenship and the Commons

Basic Handouts for the Commons Cluster in diverse languages (See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org)

  • We Live in a World of Abundance When We Share and Manage It . . . as a Commons
  • We Have Powerful Tools to Build the Future We Want and Need


  • Tenemos Herramientas Poderosas para Construir el Futuro que Queremos –  ¡y NECESITAMOS!
  • Temos as ferramentas poderosas para construir o futuro que queremos – e do qual precisamos!
  • Мы живем в мире изобилия, когда мы совместно его используем и управляем им… как общины
  • У нас есть мощные инструменты для строительства того будущего, к которому мы стремимся – и которое нам НУЖНО!

Mary Beth Steisslinger (See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org)

  • Recognizing Our Commons
  • A Commons History
  • Commons Trusts, e.g. Climate
  • Economics for the Commons
  • The Dawning of Commons Trusts
  • Commons, Commons Trusts, Commons Charters (basic handouts)
  • Ten Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production. Cap and Dividend via an Earth Climate Commons Trust

Written by Mary Beth Steisslingerfor the UN’s Commissions on Sustainable Development 18 and 19. (See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org)

  • The Commons and Mining
  • The Commons and Transport
  • The Commons and Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns
  • The Commons and Waste Management

Lisinka Ulatowska (See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org)

  • Resource Manual for the UN Team
  • Global Commons, Global Brain

Miscellaneous(See: www.commonsactionfortheunitednations.org where no other references are made)

  • The Right to Safe and Clean Drinking Water and Waste Management
  • LJ Jang and Mary Beth Steissliner, The Subsidiarity Principle
  • A Self-Financing World Marshall Plan Using a Commons Approach
  • 51 Ways to Promote the Commons (Who wrote this? May we mention it here?)
  • UNEP Guide to Ecosystem Management Where available?
  • How to Form an Agricultural Commons – Resources, Rights and Cooperation: A Sourcebook on Property Rights and Collective Action for Sustainable Development  www.capri.cgiar.org)
  • Submission to the United Nations Compilation Document for The Future We Want Tools 
  • Giles, Chris – Economic Indicators of Well-Being: What do Happiness Yardsticks Add Up To? (Financial Times, 27 December, 2010)
  • Foster, Peter – China Orders Officials to Go and Make People Happy (Beijing Telegraph, 02 March 2011)
  • Harmony with Nature: Bolivian Proposal (commonsactionfortheUnitedNations.org)
  • Earth Charter (This document was written using a commons approach)
  • Some new steps towards a sustainable world: Local strategies, a Footprint tax and a Real Global Deal. Jan Juffermans
  • Ecological Footprint, mr. dr. G.A. Biezeveld
  • Earth Rights Review – Newsletter from Nigeria
  • Sharp, Gene – 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action (pdf at http://www.aeinstein.org/organizations103a.html)
  • Cap and Share: http://www.feasta.org/documents/energy/Cap-and-Share-May08.pdf

Collaborative Articles Written in Preparation for the United Nations’ Rio+20 Meeting

  • Measures to Counter Threats Inherent in a Debt-Based Economy
  • Measures to Shift to a Commons-Based Global Economy
  • Measures to Eradicate Poverty
  • Measures to Finance the Shift to a Commons-Based Economy
  • Measures to Empower the Public and Private Sectors
  • Measures Commoners Are Taking, Often with Governments to Create a Sharing Economy