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  • Digital Library of the Commons – The Digital Library of the Commons (DLC) at Indiana University is a gateway to the international literature on the commons. The DLC provides free and open access to full-text articles, papers, and dissertations. The site contains an author-submission portal, an Image Database, the Comprehensive Bibliography of the Commons, a Keyword Thesaurus, and links to relevant reference sources on the study of the commons – http://dlc.dlib.indiana.edu/dlc/
  • On the Commons is a citizens’ network that highlights the importance of the commons in our lives and promotes innovative commons-based solutions to create a brighter future – http://www.onthecommons.org/
  • Commons Rising Written for the Tomales Bay Institute, this report on the growing commons movement has two purposes: first, to celebrate the seeds that are already emerging, and second, to suggest how, taken together and multiplied, they can grow into something powerful enough to change the world.http://onthecommons.org/commons-rising
  • The State of the Commons is an introduction to the commons and its
    distinct dynamics. It takes inventory of the assets that belong to us and assesses their value and how well they are being managed.


  • Shareable is a nonprofit online magazine that tells the story of sharing. It covers the people, places, and projects that bring a shareable world to life. http://www.shareable.net/
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons is a nonprofit association devoted to understanding and improving institutions for the management of resources that are (or could be) held or used collectively by communities in developing or developed countries – http://www.iasc-commons.org/
  • Genes, Bytes and Emissions: To Whom Does the World Belong? Silke Helfrich, editor (Heinrich Boll Foundation) http://www.boell.org/web/148-576.html
  • Kim Klein and the Commons, a blog with contributions from commons-oriented sources – http://kimkleinandthecommons.blogspot.com/