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Relevant Documents

  1. AWWWA and Universal Access Resources(not financial) for capacity building Rev 1
  2. Cap Auction and Share Handout rough adjusted copy
  3. Measures post Rio to Eradicate Poverty 12-13-2011 (2)Final Version
  4. Measures post Rio to Finance the Shift to a Commons
  5. Measures post RIo to Shift to a Sustainable Commons-Based Global Economy
  6. Powerful Approaches to FfD Summary Workshop, Report March 2015
  7. FfD Zero Draft Inputs from Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Groups

FfD Workshop Flyer

WORKSHOP_FLYER_FEB._10TH_2015 <<<< Click to Download Finance for Development Workshop Flyer, February 10, UN HQ NYC; 1:15pm

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Zero Draft for the FfD – Text Amendments

Suggested Text Amendments to the Zero Draft for the Financing for Development Agreement Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Groups FfD Zero Draft Inputs from Commons Cluster of the UN NGO Major Groups CONTACT: COMMONSACTIONUN@GMAIL.COM Authors: Rob Wheeler, Global Ecovillage Network═ż Alexandra Akira, Institute for Planetary Synthesis═ż Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska, Association of World Citizens, …

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Financing Mechanisms

The Commons Cluster continues to work steadfastly in the area of Financing for Development to insure realization of Agenda 2030. Please click on the link below to download the document or view it on your web browser: UNLEASHING FINANCING AND OTHER RESOURCES FINAL a compilation by Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska of work generated with the NGO …

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Video | Financing for Development

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Powerful Approaches for FfD Report

The Commons Cluster Major Group summarized recommendations from the workshop held in February 2015 at the United Nations in a report entitled Powerful Approaches for Financing Development. You can download the report by clicking below: Powerful Approaches to FfD Summary Workshop

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