Maintaining Your House Between Home Cleaning Visits

Nowadays, people are extremely busy. Because of this, most homeowners hire a home cleaning company to clean their house. This offers them extra time to do other important things. Though a home cleaner does an excellent job of doing most cleaning tasks, you can make your own life better and their job simpler if you do a couple of things in between visits.  

Taking just a couple of minutes every day to do your own cleaning between visits is a great help. If you’ve hired a home cleaning Erie PA service, here are a couple of things you should do in-between cleanings.  

Keep Your Fridge Fresh 

Put a box of baking soda inside the refrigerator. This will help absorb foul odors. Aside from making your fridge a more friendly place to be all the time, this also helps to make it simpler to clean. Whenever the home cleaner does not have to scrub away potent smells, there’s more time to get down to the nook and corners in your kitchen. Also, you need to get rid of your old food once a week. This will also get rid of mold and foul odors.  

Pile The Laundry 

Does your home cleaner have to track down every single dirty clothe in your home? The job may be time-consuming for the cleaner. This depends on how huge your house is. They might also miss a couple of vital items. You can make the laundry task more effective if you keep your dirty towels and clothes in a hamper or basket. Have a separate basket for special care clothes or hand-wash clothes. This will help save time. You should make a note on a notepad or whiteboard if you’ve got a stain that requires special attention. This will help you easily inform the cleaner about it. 

Sweep Every Day 

You need to sweep or Swiffer your hard floors every day. A home cleaner can start the deep clean process immediately with the cursory dander and dust cleaned away. Even if you do not get in the corners, a fast 5-minute sweep in the morning keeps the floors in excellent condition for home cleaning day. You should try to wipe it up if you spill something other than water. This will help you avoid tracking it across your house and cause the need for a time-consuming deep cleaning. 

Pick Up Your Stuff 

This may appear like an obvious tip. However, you should always keep in mind to pick up your items on a day-to-day basis. This includes boxes, shoes, clothes, and mail. If the home cleaner has to pick up piles of belongings and either organize it or discard it before they reach the carpet, you’ve created something that wastes their time. Your home cleaner is able to dedicate more time to maintaining your carpet, tile, and hardwood if access is easy. If you’ve got clean floors, it means that you’ve got clean air. Thus, you should do your home cleaner a favor and leave fewer items laying around. 

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