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Commons Cluster Meeting at Rio+20

Build a Commons Action Network (CAN) for commons to exchange best practices and resources, strategize and act in unison.
Encourage the formation of additional commons in all areas of human endeavour using Social Charters and Commons Trusts

Inform people how a commons approach can help people overcome poverty, build fair, just and sustainable economies and communities; and encourage them to participate by

  1. learning about the commons;
  2. becoming an active participant in Commons Action for the United Nations and the Commons Cluster;
  3. submitting examples of commons to the newsletters in their own languages and to our Facebook site;
  4. interviewing commons and encouraging them to join our Commons Action Network;
  5. joining our Instant Action Network, Letter writing and/or UN teams.

Inform Governments and the UN Secretariat of how a commons-based approach can help to build sustainable economies and communities from local through the global level and eradicate poverty; and measures that can help bring about the necessary shifts.

Encourage Governments and the UN to shift to a commons-based global economy by

  1. writing letters to UN Ambassadors, Nations’ negotiators, Heads of State and Government;
  2. discussing these matters with them during UN conferences;
  3. submitting our ideas in reports by the Secretary General;
  4. giving input to statements by Major Groups at the UN for inclusion in their thinking and decisionmaking;
  5. working closely with Major Groups to lobby governments, beginning with Youth, Women, Indigenous Peoples, Farmers and Trade Unions.
  6. Working on a Citizens Sustainability Treaty on the Commons;
  7. Working on a Sustainable Development Goal on the Commons
  8. Lobbying the UN to create a Team of Experts within the UN Secretariat to develop, with input from all stakeholders, the necessary steps to shift to a global economy based on a commons approach and the well-being of all people and nature.
  9. Help Governments and the UN to implement such a plan with the input and collaboration of Commons worldwide, starting with those who are participating in the Commons Action Network.


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SDGs Outcome Document

The Open Working Group put forth 17 SDGs. You can download the full list of outcomes below: SDGs Final Outcomes

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Distributed Reports

The Commons Cluster and the Partnership on the Rights of Nature, integrating Nature into the implementation of the SDGs produce regular reports. These report are sent out to Heads of State and Governments with the respectful request to pass them alonto those aspects of Government that are involved in the implementation of the UN’s SDGs, …

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Nature Task Force

Partnership Integrating Nature into the Implementation of all the SDGs and Associated Targets Description: Overarching goals: to ensure the well being of all people and nature; to ensure that nature is integrated into the implementation of the 17 SDGs and the 169 targets by issuing reports with suggestions and lists of best practices on how …

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Strategy Development

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Diverse Initiatives

Commons Action for the United Nations and the Commons Cluster Major Group is comprised of UN representatives who represent various NGOs, who use, value and support commons-based approaches. There are various initiatives under way amongst the members at large and new initiatives incubating not yet listed. Below are a list of initiatives active: People’s Sustainability …

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Instant Response Network

Emile Van Essen is the Director of the Instant Response Network within the Commons Cluster.

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Sustainably Wise

NEW Sustainably Wise One Pager is available May 2017 `~ Click HERE Click on this link to download the full document: A World on the Web and Universal Access Resources (not financial) for Capacity Building Sustainably Wise ~ A World on the Web that Works for All This would be a giant web portal dedicated …

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