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Post 2015 Global Consultation

Commons Actions for the United Nations is active in the UN’s Post 2015 Global Consultation process. On December 28, 2012, we submitted our input on the question of environmental sustainability. The submission was limited to 1500 words. You will find links to the short and long version under the PUBLICATIONS/Post 2015 Submissions tab.

The core team for this action appearing in alphabetical order: Helene Findori, Jessie L. Henshaw, Coordinator: Myra L. Jackson, Lisinka Ulatowska and Rob Wheeler

If you wish to reach us, click here.

Post 2015 Submission

Post 2015, a Commons Approach Below is the entire Commons Cluster proposal for the UN to adopt The Commons Approach,  submitted by Rob Wheeler, Jan 15, 2013 for the NGO Thematic Consultations on Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Development.  Official posting: http://www.worldwewant2015.org/node/274168#comment-41782 at WorldWeWant2015.org    The UN is Urged to Adopt  “The Commons Approach” at All …

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