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Strategy Development

Background Documents

The documents housed on this page are not directly related to the commons, however they are useful background documents for anyone working on strategy development related to the Commons action fro the United Nations. They appear in no particular order. Background Documents Analysis Country perspecitives SDG UNDESA Survey_Final HL Panel Mandate and composition MDG indicators …

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Ensuring United Nations Trusteeship of the Global Commons

Ensuring United Nations Trusteeship of the Global Commons   Keynote Remarks by Kul Chandra Gautam• *   International Conference on Education for the Common Heritage   Oporto, Portugal, 1 November 2013 I warmly commend the Serralves Foundation on its 25th better place, if we could do globally what the Serralves Foundation has done locally here …

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Expert Group Input

Improving the Coherence and Synergies of the International Financing Architecture for the Global Commons.  A Self-Financing Shift to an Economy within Planetary Boundaries Managed by and for the Benefit of All People and Nature Shortcomings and gaps in financing for sustainable development at the international and every other level exist where these are embedded in …

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Financing Local to Global Public Goods

Financing Local to Global Public Goods: An Integrated Green Tax Shift Perspective This paper details a number of successful practices and work-in-progress on green tax shift policies which harness incentives for efficient, equitable, and sustainable wealth production and distribution. Research is cited which shows the impressive potential of green tax reform to help solve major …

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Planetary Boundaries Research Abstract

Research Planetary Boundaries: Exploring the Safe Operating Space for Humanity Johan Rockström 1,2, Will Steffen 1,3, Kevin Noone 1,4, Åsa Persson 1,2, F. Stuart III Chapin 5, Eric Lambin 6, Timothy M. Lenton 7, Marten Scheffer 8, Carl Folke 1,9, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber 10,11, Björn Nykvist 1,2, Cynthia A. de Wit 4, Terry Hughes 12, …

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