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Background Documents

The documents housed on this page are not directly related to the commons, however they are useful background documents for anyone working on strategy development related to the Commons action fro the United Nations. They appear in no particular order.

Background Documents

  1. Analysis Country perspecitives SDG UNDESA Survey_Final
  2. HL Panel Mandate and composition
  3. MDG indicators
  4. Stakeholder F CSO views S D indicators
  5. Stakeholder Forum B2015-JustGovernance-FinalforDissemination
  6. UN oc. Happiness Toward a holistic approach
  7. UNTT PaperGlobal Gov of Global Commons
  8. Global Water Security 2013
  9. Comments on Goal 7
  10. STRATEGY Making the networks self sustaining
  11. ADF – MDG7 points for discussion–
  12. GGKP-Moving-towards-a-Common-Approach-on-Green-Growth-Indicators.
  13. Sustainability targets and goals of the past 20 years
  14. Zero_Draft_VG_Final
  15. Commons Booklet 
  16. Here is a link to the UN resolution on people’s right to clean drinking water. This document also contains the discussion by governments on this resolution. It will help us with our advocacy at the UN
  17. Prior Informed Consent, regarding transportation of hazardous chemicals and pesticides: http://treaties.un.org/doc/Publication/MTDSG/Volume%20II/Chapter%20XXVII/XXVII-14.en.pdf  &  http://www.un.org/News/Press/docs/2011/hr5050.doc.htm. This also contains information on how governments voted.


  2. Measures Post Rio Commoners Are Taking to Empower the Public and Private Sectors
  3. Measures Post Rio Examples of Commons 3-1-13
  4. Measures Post Rio to Counter Threats inherent in a Debt Based Economy
  5. Measures Post Rio to Eradicate Poverty 12-13-2011 (2)Final Version
  6. Measures post Rio to Finance the Shift to a Commons
  7. Measures post RIo to Shift to a Sustainable Commons-Based Global Economy