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World on the Web

Click on this link to download the full document: A World on the Web and Universal Access Resources (not financial) for Capacity Building

A World on the Web that Works for All

This would be a giant web portal dedicated to fostering the well being of all people and nature. It would be agreed by governments and implemented by the UN Secretariat with participation of stakeholders worldwide. It could become: a global market place and a learning center for sustainable development. It could build global governance and accountability in a variety of ways. Finally it could help to build a foundation for a global economy based on the well being of all people and nature.

A global market place for sustainable goods and services

This World on the Web could be developed into a global market place for the purchase or exchange of goods and services for sustainable development.

Each product and service would be listed with its advantages and disadvantages relative to sustainability as experienced by users worldwide, including, where relevant, carbon, water and ecological footprints.