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Part II: UN Training





Part I of this Training focused on the UN. Part II will focus on the commons, how it can be applied to solving global problems relating to sustainability and how we can communicate our reasons to delegates and the UN in several steps. Training II will consist of two parts: 3 speakers; and a workshop where participants can gain hands-on experience.


Akiwa Gizzel, Director of Human Affect, on Indigenous Peoples, some special ways in which they make contact with Nature and their particular vulnerabilities and concerns when lobbying at the UN

Rob Wheeler, UN Representative of the Global Eco Villlage Network (GEN) and one of the leaders of the Commons Cluster, on the experience of actually living in a commons community. He will also describe how GEN approaches building Ecovillages worldwide. For instance, 46000 are planned for Senegal.

Alanna Harzog, MA, Director of the Earth Rights Institute will discuss the approach of Henry George and commons as a financing tool to help bring about sustainability.


1. Please

  • download from the advocacy resource booklet: Growing the Commons Top-Down and Bottom-Up.
  • read Measures to Shift to an All-Win, Sustainable, Commons-Based Economy on page 50. This chapter also deals with measures to alleviate poverty.
  • Prepare a one-minute rationale for using a commons approach to a sustainable economy
  • Make a list of measures that seem most important to you to mention to the delegate if s/he agrees to extend the conversation.

We shall both practice our presentations and learn more about the measures you choose to bring up.

2. Please also listen to and watch the slide show section of Part I if you did not attend Training I or if you have not yet attended a UN conference on sustainability. View Part 1 – Webinar.

Please note: 

Part III will deal with Strategy and build on the work that the United Nations Major Group Commons Cluster is actively engaged in. If you would like to participate in Part III and receive a specific assignment to acquire experience working within the UN system, please write to Lisinka at commonsactionun@gmail.com or send a message via the contact page for this website. This is where Part I and Part II of the trainings comes alive.


Commons Booklet

Download pdf, Commons Booklet March 21, 2013

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